currently there are the following possibilities in the Eigenbaukombinat at about 700m²:

  • the wooden workshop is the best equipped workshop. from the band saw to the lamello milling cutter to the decoupling saw you will find here (almost) everything you need for wood processing. for those who like it more modern, a CNC milling is available.
  • the metal workshop offers, in addition to a flex and numerous hand tools, a CNC milling machine for aluminium as well as an MIG-MAG welding workstation, a metal band saw and a large stand drilling machine.
  • in the bicycle workshop, besides mounting and centering stand, there are enough tools to be able to separate and reassemble its bike. besides the sandblasting cabin and associated compressor, there are also many spare parts and used wheels for use in the camp.
  • in the area 3D printing there are various 3D printers for various tasks. next to our ultimaker also an X400.
  • Electronics fans are also on their cost. for electronics projects are solder stations, labor network parts, oscilloscopes and some other tools available. a large electronic range keeps some common (and unusual) spare parts ready.
  • the range wool and sew includes, in addition to normal household sewing machines, a satt learning sewing machine by singer, with which shoe soles, truck tarpaulin and leather can be sewn. In addition, we also have an industrial sewing machine from Dürkopp-Adler, which offers sufficient reserves for thick materials and extensive sewing work.
  • the Photo-VR-Studio is equipped with a background system, lighting and three studio flashes including softboxes. we still have a VR glasses and some audio technology. with one of our mobile beamers we can also watch cinema films here.
  • the AudioVideo range has backgrounds to provide LED video duration light, a 4k camera and a matching calculator. we can also produce audio here and music with various electronic clips and synthesizers.
  • the dark chamber has everything you need to develop black and white analog photos. various exposed and photo paper from different decades invite to experiment!
  • in the field of model construction, we offer two laser cutters and a paint booth (even in remodeling).
  • in the library there are intessant books and magazines about themes relevant to the building, e.g. woodworking, handwork in general or programming. there are also our expenses of make!
  • the garden is next to the social room & kitchen a central element for exchange and offers almost infinite possibilities for events. also the forge is built up regularly when it comes to hot forming of steel.
  • in our ceramic area is about ton deformation. thanks to the loan of a large pottery disc and a fire oven that is specially created thanks to the means of transport, we can now start with it.
  • in the screen printing workshop an extensive equipment is available to convert your own motivides from the bare seven to the finished shirt.
  • culture is a new area, where in future readings, presentations and general inter-area and intercombination theme evenings will be developed and offered, which are of course open to all. who wants to get here is welcome!

We also have many other tools and machines, such as a cutter or an enamelling oven, which are accommodated in the various workshops and are waiting for their use.

further possibilities such as bookbinding are in the start holes and are built according to human and financial possibilities.

To get a spatial impression, you can look here into the individual digitized spaces [stand 2016!] who wants to experience the creative free space directly, is welcome to a tour in the Eigenbaukombinat Halle e.V. directly in front of the site.

do you want to donate or borrow other tools and machines? contact us!

interested? stop at the next opening time