remote chaos in Eigenbaukombinat

before approx. 2 years, between christmas and new year 2019, a larger crowd from the surrounding area of the Eigenbaukombinat and Chaostreff halle with all kinds of stickers, technology, and stage nequipment on the way into the Messe leipzig to design a large assembly with stage, bar and workshops together with many other hackers from the chaoszone.

as in 2020, the “chaos communication congress,” the annual conference of the chaos computer club was cancelled again in 2021 due to coronary conditions. fortunately, there was a “remote chaos experience (rc3)” again as in the previous year.

and also this time the chaoszone, an association of many hackspaces from the eastern regions was again with its own channel, and sent a diverse program with 22 contributions over the 4 days-long event. also in the “world”, the virtual event area for participating based on workadventure, the chaoszone had its own area, with Christmas market, excavator and the CyBAR.

a small TV studio was built in the Eigenbaukombinat, from where presentations were announced, questionnaires were moderated and even broadcast live. most of the participants were switched on live from home, some had recorded their submission before. at times it was also sent from other outside studios of the chaoszone at the cccp in potsdam and the verstehbahnhof in Fürstenberg. selected contributions were also played in parallel via the open channel Merseburg-Querfurt. a small crew consisting of the video team from halle and jena as well as other helpers from halle, dresden, freiberg and leipzig ensured a smooth running.

the resulting contributions of all channels can be read on which are produced by us with the tag ChaosZone.

the chaostreff hall meets every Tuesday from 7 p.m. both on site in the own-baukombinat and remote in Jitsi.