about us

the Eigenbaukombinat in halle (saale) is a co-workshop - also known as open workshop. that is to say that we operate as a unit equipped with tools and machines, which can be used equally by each member.

on this web page we inform about our workshop, projects of our members and our for all open organizations.

if you are interested, just come by us during our opening times. If you want to get to know a lot of members at once, then the knowledge and cooking evening is a perfect starting point.

if you have special interest (such as CNC milling or 3D printing), you should first request by e-mail so that a member with corresponding knowledge is also present.

because we do not have the human resources due to our structure in order to enable you to use freely safely and sustainably, we can only provide the workshop members for independent use outside events. However, you can easily be connected: more infos here.

we are always looking forward to hearing how you can support us.

do you find the idea good, but do not live in the hall or environment and look for an open workshop near you? workshop projects from all over the German-speaking world have merged into connected open workshops.

a note to the conclusion: the self-construction combination is an open workshop for self-producers. that means that you can realize your project here - naturally with support - yourself. we do not offer order production.